Day 11

May 28, 2014

I really suck at keeping up with this page. I just get so tired that it makes everything a little more difficult. This morning I woke up and then my friend Ricky came and got me. I came and helped him clean his house. I got some some serious vacuuming done.Ricky dropped me back off at the Suites then I changed and went to work. My coworker hadn’t had anyone come in for 3 hours. He was ready to leave no doubt about it. I slowly but surely am getting addicted to the show Scandal. I was so bored at work that I just decided to watch that. The show is intense and I love it. After work I went back over to Ricky’s until like 6. We got all the cleaning done. It was phenomenal. I did a great job. And I got food stuffs. Then he dropped me back off. I was full of cat fur because he had two that lived at that house with him.  Today I found out the wonderful Maya Angelou died. Once in 8th grade I did a report about her because I have always known she was an important figure but I never kept up with all that she did. Joe invited me to a bonfire at our friend Andrea’s. I really wanted to go. When I was in our Suite I was eating and walking around and cleaning. I kept hearing a man’s voice in Regina’s room but I was not connecting the dots at all. Then the door was open a sliver and I seen her ex Sean was here. Surprise! While I was cleaning my suitemates were getting ready to go to Perkin’s. I didn’t want to go because I had no money until the next day. Luckily Regina said she would pay for me. Thank God I have here. We drove there. I literally got fries with that shake. Most hilarious thing. We all had a great time laughing and “crying”. I enjoyed that dinner it was much needed. When we got back I watched Scandal and then I sat in my bed mad at the world for the longest time because Joe never got back to me about the bonfire. I really wanted to go. What got me was the fact that I got on Facebook and seen pictures from it. I was laying in bed like should I be mad or should I just not care. It’s not that big of a deal. I kept thinking Joe wouldn’t do that to me. Just not get back to me. Oooo I was hurt. Time for bed. He Snapchatted me back later saying sorry his phone died. The pictures they took were great. Joe was of course the cutest. Well that’s it for now. Dueces!


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